Paper Packets Available on Monday

On Mondays, we will have limited grade level work packets available for pick up. These packets are primarily for students who do not have online access. However, if you feel your child would benefit from the packets, please contact your child's teacher so we have enough packets on hand. We will utilize the following schedule based upon your child's last name.

11 AM - A - F
11:30 AM - G-M
12:00 PM - N-T
12:30 PM - U-Z

Each grade level packet will be in a specific wire rack outside. They will be distinctly marked. There will be a few containers of hand sanitizer for your use and then you may pick up a packet. We will also have tape marked outside so that social distancing can be managed as well. Once the person ahead of you has picked up the packets and left the area, the next person is free to come up. We are not planning to monitor this outside but will trust our families to follow the safe distancing protocol. If you have specific questions, please contact your child's teacher or email the front office. We are all working from home but have access to emails and are checking them constantly. Please be safe