Congratulations to these students of the week!

Way to go Raptors!

Kindergarten Student of the Week

Jagger Duff

Jagger Duff is in Mrs. Owen’s class.  Jagger is very kind and patient to his peers.  He makes the right choices even during difficult situations.  Jagger is a treasured member of his classroom! 


1st Grade Student of the Week

Paizley Seibold

Paizley is in Mrs. Skov’s class.  She has been working very hard at school and at home to become a great reader!  Her perseverance  is really paying off.  She is kind, friendly, and loves to help.  Paizley is so much fun to be around.  She makes first grade even brighter!

2nd Grade Student of the Week

Alivia Stahlecker

Alivia is in Mrs. Vera’s class.  She is always kind to everyone around her.  She works hard at everything she does.  She is a great friend and a wonderful student.  

3rd Grade Student of the Week

Natalie Hatch

Natalie Hatch is in Mrs. Hall’s class.  Natalie sets an example for her classmates.  She is always on task even when others around her are not.  She has a talent for noticing when someone needs help and is the first to do so.  She is always offering to help in the classroom and often cleans up without being asked. She is a friend to everyone.

4th Grade Student of the Week

Brynlee Eccles

Brynlee is in Mr. Fullmer’s class.  She always works very hard, and never gives up. She loves to sing in the choir, and recently played Hop in “Peter Pan.” Brynlee is always willing to help other students that need assistance. Brynlee is awesome!









5th Grade Student of the Week

Darbi Harris


Darbi Harris is in Mrs. Christensen’s class.  Darbi is consistently a good student.  She puts her best forward in her efforts to learn and understand, in serving on the student council, and being a friend to those around her.  Darbi is generous with smiles that could melt a snowman!









Mrs. King’s Class

Landen Handy 

Landen Handy is a compassionate  student who helps others.  Landen is a hard worker and enjoys recycling.