Congratulations to these students of the week!

Way to go Raptors!

Kindergarten Student of the Week

Arianna Velasquez

Arianna Velasquez is in Mrs. Henkelmann’s class.  She is constantly working hard to do her best and follow directions right away. Her smile and her helpful personality light up the room. She is a joy to have in class!

1st Grade Student of the Week

Eliza Palmer

Eliza Palmer is in Mrs. Lythgoe’s class.  Eliza is a very kind and considerate student.  She works hard in class and always does her best to be a good example to her peers.  She is very caring towards her classmates and to all adults in her classroom.  She is a pleasure to have in class! 

2nd Grade Student of the Week

Caleb Adams

Caleb Adams is in Mrs. Harwick’s class.  He is always quick to help others. He is focused and dedicated to doing his very best.

3rd Grade Student of the Week

Jaqueline Gaytan Torres



Jaqueline Gaytan Torres is in Mrs. Hall’s room.  She is a student who is always “caught being good”.  She is on task and ready to listen at all times.  She is a great example of how a Rock Creek Raptor should be as a classmate.  She also remembers to do her classroom jobs without being asked.  We are glad Jaqueline is in Room 207.




4th Grade Student of the Week

Trestan Hayes

Trestan is in Mrs. Corn’s class.  He is a terrific student, who often goes out of his way to help his fellow students.  He is not afraid to ask questions to promote not only his learning, but also encourages his classmates to think outside of the box.  He is a fabulous student, and a friend to all.



5th Grade Student of the Week

Brenner Kunz





Brenner is in Mrs. Delia’s class.  He has a positive attitude each day. He comes to school ready to learn and will persevere to solve problems.  He completes his classroom work with quality and care.  He will gladly help his classmates when they are in need of assistance on an assignment or understanding a concept.  Mrs. Delia says it is a pleasure to have Brenner in class each day.



Miss Egbert’s Student of the Week

Gage Rollis

Gage has demonstrated perseverance in both his resource class with Mrs. Nebeker and in ERC with Miss Egbert. He has kept a positive hard working attitude and proven to be the student of the month.