Congratulations to these students of the week!

Way to go Raptors!




Students of the Week – December 3, 2018

Kindergarten Silas Mulvaney

Silas is in Mrs. Dickinson’s AM class. He shows such quiet determination and perseverance. He is kind to everyone and has such a good heart.

1st Grade Jagger Duff

Jagger Duff is in Mrs. Sheltra’s class. He is a dedicated and curious student. He is always looking for ways to be kind and help out his classmates. He loves to learn and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is a fantastic guest reader and uses entertaining and creative voices to capture our attention.

2nd Grade Lucie Miles

Lucie is in Mrs. Victor’s class. She is a good friend to others in her class and is always willing to help others. She is a hard worker and extremely creative. Lucie is a good listener and shows a love for learning. Mrs. Victor loves having such a kind, responsible, and respectful member of her classroom community!

3rd Grade Carson Phay

Carson is in Mrs. Swafford’s class. He is a great example of a 3rd grade student. He is always doing his very best in class. He is also a very kind and respectful young man. He is willing to help out whenever he is needed. His classmates had many nice things to say about him, such as, “he works hard, he is nice, he is a good example, he is a great student, he is kind, he is smart, he tries his best.”

4th Grade Brady Harrison

Brady is in Mrs. Howe’s class. He is a super hard working young man. He is constantly doing his very best. Brady is always willing to help others. Mrs. Howe loves that he is constantly challenging himself and others. Brady is a great example of a leader! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort!

5th Grade Christian Perez

Christian Perez is fifth grade’s student of the week. Christian is a quiet leader in the class. He makes great choices throughout the day and always puts forth great effort. He uses his time wisely when he is between assignments. He is also a member of the Robo Raptors, Rock Creek’s competitive robotics team. Christian is in Mr. Arenz’s class.




Students of the Week – December 3, 2018

Kindergarten Grayson Johnson

Grayson is in Mrs. Owens’ class.  He is a leader.  One way he shows his leadership skills is by always helping to do extra things around the classroom without being asked.  He is a good friend to his classmates, works hard on his school work, and is well mannered.

1st Grade Jude Josie

Our first grade student of the week Jude Josie from Mrs. Reinke’s Class. He is an extremely hard worker. He is known for his good manners and friendliness. He is kind to others and always has a compliment to fill your bucket. Jude is a valued member of our first grade community!

2nd Grade Henlee Martin

Henlee is in Mrs. Perry’s class.  She is a great student who is always on task.  She is consistently working quietly on her assignments.  Henlee will help others. She volunteers to help others or will help others when asked by Mrs. Perry.  Henlee is conscientious to do her classroom job each week.  Way to go, Henlee!

3rd Grade Kimber Dutcher

Kimber is in Mrs. Hinton’s class.  She strives to give her best in any situation whether it be in doing her work or helping another person.  Her desire to learn is limitless and she knows how to make others feel successful alongside her.  She is kind, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor.


4th Grade Emersyn Barnes

Emersyn is in Mr. Fullmer’s class.  She is an excellent example of what a student leader looks and acts like. When in class, Emersyn pays attention and completes her work on time. She is always willing to help other students when asked, without complaint. Outside, Emersyn is also a leader and does the right thing, even when no one is looking. Emersyn is a true role model for other students, and shows real kindness to other students. With these wonderful qualities, Emersyn is a proven leader. Way to go, Emersyn!!

5th Grade Gradyn Hayes

Gradyn Hayes is in Mrs. Connelley’s class.  Gradyn is a very motivated student. He strives to understand, not just finish, his work. He is always kind to other students and willing to help others. Mrs. Connelley says that she knows that Gradyn will be a great leader in the future. Thank you for being a great part of our learning community, Gradyn!

Ms. Megan's Class Adryan Garcia

Adryan Garcia is a third grader in Mrs. Hall’s class. He has been a great friend to everyone in resource ERC and his general education class. He will be moving this month and we are all going to miss him. All these great qualities make him student of the month. 




Students of the Week – November 26, 2018

Kindergarten Bryan Carranza Rangel

Bryan is in Mrs. Dickinson’s PM class.  He always works hard with a smile on his face.  He is a friend to everyone and is always willing to help.

1st Grade Judson Neeley

Judson is in Mrs. Dutcher’s class.  He is a great friend in our class.  He is kind and a helpful to those around him.  He helps his neighbors and our classroom.  Judson is a hard worker and a good listener and always wants to do his best. 

2nd Grade Edmond Ives

Edmond Ives is in Mrs. Harwick’s class.  He is focused on doing what is right, and always seeking out ways to help others.

3rd Grade Diego Larsen

Diego is in Mrs. VanHofwegen’s class.  He is a well-respected student in our classroom. His peers voted him to be the student of the week because he is always doing his best work and is kind to everyone!  Mrs. Van. loves having Diego in class because he’s got such a great attitude to learn and always comes to school ready to learn!  Congratulations Diego well deserved!


4th Grade Rayne Carter

Rayne Carter is in Mrs. Belliston’s class.  She sets an example for her class by having a positive attitude, working hard, helping her teammates, and respecting her classmates.  Rayne is able to complete any task she is given and even goes above and beyond.  Mrs. Belliston feels lucky to have Rayne as a member of her class.

5th Grade Anissa Chaffee

Anissa is in Mrs. Alexander’s class.  She has been chosen as student of the week because she is a hard worker and always puts her best effort into her work. She is new to our school, but that does not stop her from being kind to others and helping those in need. She encourages others and always chooses to follow the rules even when no one is looking. Best of all she loves to learn and is eager to push herself and grow.




Students of the Week – November 12, 2018

Kindergarten James McGee

James is in Mrs. Owen’s AM class.  He is a kind young man to all his classmates.  He is always working hard and using his best quality work when completing his school work.  James is eager to help his classmates when needed.

1st Grade David Zarate-Aguilar

David Zarate-Aguilar is from Mrs. Lythgoe’s class.  David is a very kind kid.  He works hard in class and is a great role model of how to act both in his classroom and on the playground.  David has a very positive attitude about learning.  He is respectful and helpful to everyone.  What a nice addition David is to his class!

2nd Grade Damian Ream

Damian Ream is in Mrs. Vera’s class.  He is a great student and he works hard at everything he does. He is a great friend to others and is always willing to give a helping hand.  Keep up the good work Damian!!

3rd Grade Kaden Black

Kaden Black is the Student of the Week in Mrs. Hall’s class.  He is always polite and helpful and is often “caught being good”.  He is the first one ready to work and on task when it is time.  He always willing to help others.  Mrs. Hall loves having him in her class!

4th Grade McKay Urry

McKay is in Mrs. Corn’s class.  He sets a good example for his peers by staying on task and turning in his work on time.  He is very respectful of his peers and adults.  A fellow students stated “McKay is always nice to others.”  McKay always gives 100% in class, and encourages his classmates to do the same.  He is a great leader in his classroom.  Keep up the great work McKay.

5th Grade Jessica Perrin

Jessica Perrin is in Mrs. Delia’s class.  She is a student in class that her teacher can count on to be kind and help her fellow classmates.  She is always assisting her classmates needing extra support in reading or math.  A student commented that she loves sitting next to Jessie because she will help her understand.  Mrs. Delia recently got a new student and Jessie was the student that was standing next to her helping her get on the computer, understanding the math, and helping her with classroom routines.  Thank you Jessie for being a wonderful support for your fellow classmates.




Students of the Week – November 5, 2018

Kindergarten Sydney Gregersen

Sydney is in Mrs. Dickinson’s AM class.  She is such a great helper in class!  When she sees a need, she does what she can to help that person.  Sydney works hard and is always cheerful.

1st Grade Noelle Bowles

Noelle Bowles is in Mrs. Sheltra’s class.  She is a wonderful example to her classmates. She is excited about learning and contributes wonderful information to our class discussions. She is kind and considerate to everyone she meets. Noelle always tries her best and is helpful to others.

2nd Grade Landon Dalley

Landon is in Mrs. Brown’s class.  Everyone enjoys being around Landon because of his kind heart and his helpfulness.  He has a wonderful smile that makes everyone feel good.  You will always hear Landon cheering on his classmates and encouraging them to do their best.  He works hard in class and does the best job that he can.  Landon is an awesome kid!

3rd Grade Viola Mulvaney

Viola is in Mrs. Swafford’s class.  She is a model student.  She is always on task and trying her best at everything she does.  Viola is also a very kind and compassionate young lady.  A classmate wrote this, “ She is quiet in class, she works hard, and she is nice to others in the classroom and outside.

4th Grade Payton Andrew

Payton is in Mrs. Howe’s class.  She is a super hard-working student. She is always looking out for others and helping when needed. Payton constantly does her best and is an AMAZING leader in her classroom. Great job Payton!

5th Grade Hailee Bowman

Hailee Bowman is this week’s Student of the Week for fifth grade. Hailee, a member of Room 239, is an excellent student and engaged learner. She likes to challenge herself, doing her best on each assignment. She is helpful and kind to those around her. Hailee sets a great example and is the model of a student taking ownership of her own learning.

Miss Egbert's Studente Tomas Echeverri

Tomas is the student of the month in Ms. Megan’s class.  He has had such a positive attitude and is always smiling. He has taken it upon himself to be the door security guard during the morning and make sure that those coming in the building via the side door are qualified to do so. (This is just a joke but he takes it very seriously). Tomas has been a great friend to all in Ms. Megan’s classroom as well as others in his general education class and on the playground. 




Students of the Week – October 29, 2018

Kindergarten Tynlee Grimm

Tynlee Grimm is in Mrs. Owen’s PM class.  She sets a great example for her peers in Kindergarten.  Tynlee is always listening and doing her best work.  She is very kind to her classmates and eager to help out when needed.  Tynlee is a great student, a good friend and helper. 

1st Grade Leah Francom

Our first grade student of the week is Leah Francom from Mrs. Reinke’s class. Leah is a dedicated and thoughtful student. She is a good friend and a respectful listener. Thank you, Leah, for being a positive role model in your classroom!

2nd Grade Elijah Castaneda


Elijah is in Mrs. Victor’s class.  He always has a smile on his face to share and a positive attitude.  He shows kindness to those around him and is always willing to help.  Elijah always puts forth his best in all that he does.  He is self-motivated and a hard worker. He is respectful and responsible.  He is a valued member of his classroom community.


3rd Grade Addie Austin

Addie is in Mrs. Hinton’s class.  She is a kid who knows how to learn!  She is quiet, kind and always thinking!  Addie has a great sense of humor, and she knows how to make others laugh & smile.  When it comes to being an outstanding student Addie Austin really shines!

4th Grade Grant Hales

Grant is in Mr. Fullmer’s class.  He is a wonderful student that stays on task, and works extremely hard. He finishes all of his work on time, and is kind and respectful to his classmates.  Mr. Fullmer is glad to have Grant in his class.

5th Grade Carlie Shurtz Sklavos

Carlie is in Mrs. Connelley’s class.  She always thinks of others. She is very compassionate and caring. Carlie works hard on everything given to her. Her effort is reflected in her work. Thank you for being an amazing part of your classroom, Carlie!

Mrs. Megan's Student Gage Rollis